Società di servizi finanziari quotata al Nasdaq che raccoglie debiti per investire fino a $ 100 milioni in Bitcoin

La società multinazionale di servizi finanziari con sede a Hong Kong Greenpro Capital Corp. (NASDAQ: GRNQ) ha annunciato che intende investire in Bitcoin.

Secondo il comunicato stampa di Greenpro Capital , “la continua adozione di massa di $ BTC da parte di banche, hedge fund, compagnie assicurative e istituzioni” ha rafforzato la sua convinzione che la criptovaluta di punta del mondo sia una riserva di valore “affidabile”.

L’azienda si aspetta che Bitcoin e alcune altre criptovalute (come Ether) forniscano rendimenti migliori rispetto a detenere contanti

Ecco perché Greenpro Capital vuole investire in Crypto Bank. Prevede di farlo in due modi: (i) utilizzando i propri contanti per acquistare BTC; e (ii) raccogliendo fino a $ 100 milioni di debiti per poter investire ancora più denaro in Bitcoin.

Il dottor CK Lee, CEO di Greenpro Capital, ha detto questo:

“Crediamo pienamente in $ BTC come riserva di valore. Ho incaricato i nostri banchieri di investimento di aumentare il debito nel primo trimestre del 2021 fino a 100 milioni di dollari da investire in BTC. La Società investirà anche la propria liquidità in $ BTC “.

Greenpro Capital utilizzerà l’exchange di criptovalute CryptoSX , che è una delle sue controllate, per acquistare Bitcoin.

L’11 dicembre, un’altra società quotata al Nasdaq, MicroStrategy, ha emesso un comunicato stampa per annunciare “la chiusura della sua offerta precedentemente annunciata di titoli senior convertibili allo 0,750% con scadenza 2025”, e ha proseguito affermando che “l’importo principale aggregato delle obbligazioni venduto nell’offerta è stato di $ 650 milioni “.

BTC signaliserer flere tap under $ 18K

Bitcoin-prisanalyse: BTC signaliserer flere tap under $ 18K

Bitcoin-prisen startet en betydelig nedgang etter at den slet nær $ 19.450-sonen mot den amerikanske dollaren.
Kursen handles nå godt under $ 18 400 og det 55 enkle glidende gjennomsnittet (4 timer).
Det var et brudd under en nøkkelkontrakttrekant med støtte nær $ 19 020 på 4-timers diagrammet for BTC / USD-paret (datafeed fra Coinbase).

Paret vil trolig fortsette lavere hvis det bryter støttesonen på $ 18 050.

Bitcoin-prisen viser for øyeblikket baisse tegn under $ 18.400 mot den amerikanske dollaren. BTC har fortsatt en risiko for flere ulemper under $ 18 000 og $ 17 800 nivåer.

I løpet av de siste dagene slet bitcoin-prisen for å fjerne $ 19,400 og $ 19,500-nivåene mot den amerikanske dollaren. Som et resultat var det en bearish reaksjon i BTC under $ 19 200 og $ 19 000 nivåer.

Prisen brøt 23,6% Fib retracement-nivået for den viktigste oppadgående bevegelsen fra $ 16,230 sving lav til $ 19,920 høy. Videre var det et brudd under en nøkkelkontrakttrekant Bitcoin Up med støtte nær $ 19 020 på 4-timers diagrammet for BTC / USD-paret.

Paret handler nå godt under $ 18.400 og det 55 enkle glidende gjennomsnittet (4 timer). Den tester støttenivået på $ 18 050 og $ 18 000. Fib retracement-nivået på 50% av hovedoppgangen fra $ 16,230 sving lavt til $ 19,920 høyt fungerer også som en sterk støtte.

Hvis det er en ulempe under supportnivået på $ 18 050 og $ 18 000, kan bitcoin-prisen fortsette å bevege seg ned. Den neste store støtten er nær $ 17,300-nivået (den siste store breakout-sonen).

En mellomstøtte kan være nær $ 17,640. Motsatt kan prisen starte en ny økning fra $ 18.000. På oppsiden er $ 18.400 og $ 18.580 nivåene de første hindringene. En vellykket avslutning over $ 18,580-nivået kan kanskje føre prisen tilbake over $ 18,850.

Den neste store motstanden for oksene er nær $ 19 050-nivået. Eventuelle flere gevinster kan føre prisen mot hovedhindringen på $ 19,400.

Ser vi på diagrammet, nærmer bitcoin-prisen seg klart en nøkkelstøtte på $ 18.000 og $ 18.050. Samlet sett vil prisen sannsynligvis fortsette lavere hvis den bryter støttesonen $ 18 050 på kort sikt.

Tekniske indikatorer

  • 4 timer MACD – MACD går sakte opp i den bearish sonen.
  • 4 timer RSI (Relative Strength Index) – RSI er nå godt under 40-nivået.
  • Viktige støttenivåer – $ 18 050 og $ 17 640.
  • Viktige motstandsnivåer – $ 18.400, $ 18.580 og $ 18.800.

Top 5 revolutionary crypto projects created in 2020

Top 5 revolutionary crypto projects created in 2020

What are the top five projects born in 2020 in the crypto sector with revolutionary potential?
Polkadot, leading the top 5 crypto projects of 2020

Probably the one with the most potential is Polkadot (DOT), so much so that despite having only debuted on the crypto markets in mid-August, it has already placed itself in the top 10 of the largest cryptocurrencies by market capitalisation, ahead of “historical” names such as Cardano, Stellar, Monero or EOS.

The fact is that the ambitions of this project are very high indeed.

First of all, Polkadot is basically a basic infrastructure, in some ways competitive Bitcoin Fast Profit with Ethereum, but with much broader functionality.

It even claims to be able to create a new Web 3.0 based on blockchain, making it possible for different models to communicate in a single structure.

The strength of this project lies in the reputation of Gavin Wood, the co-founder of Ethereum and head of the Polkadot project. Among other things, Wood created the Solidity language, and is the author of the Ethereum Virtual Machine specifications.

Expectations on this project are probably as high as his ambitions, and it is therefore probably the most potentially revolutionary crypto project to emerge in 2020.

Diem, don’t call it cryptocurrency

Another project that could be truly revolutionary is Diem.

It is actually not a cryptocurrency, but a stablecoin, and it was not born in 2020. In fact it was born last year, in mid-2019, but then it was called Libra, and it was different. In 2020 it changed not only the name, but also the specifications, and became Diem.

The fact is that behind Diem is Facebook, which is the largest social network in the world, and one of the strongest and richest tech companies on the planet.

Although it is not a cryptocurrency, it is still a currency based on a distributed ledger (i.e. DLT).

Diem will debut on the markets in 2021, and looks set to be very popular. Already, when its predecessor, Libra, was announced in mid-2019, a real mini-speculative bubble was triggered on the crypto market, clearly indicating that although this is not a cryptocurrency, it could have a significant impact on the crypto world.

A third potentially revolutionary crypto project to emerge in 2020 is Aave.

It is not only one of the DeFi projects with the most potential, but also one that is already making a strong impact on the crypto industry.

Despite the fact that the protocol was only launched in January, it has already become DeFi’s third largest protocol in terms of LTV, behind only the giants Maker and Compound, but ahead of Uniswap and Synthetix, for example.

Aave wants to bring many tools, services and products from traditional finance onto the blockchain, and onto its decentralised platform, as if to build a parallel financial world without intermediaries.

It is certainly the most advanced of these projects.

Yield farming by

A fourth project that deserves to be mentioned is Its revolutionary scope is far less than the previous three, but within the DeFi sphere it had the merit of launching yield farming.

It was also notable for a truly extraordinary performance of its token price. YFI debuted on the crypto markets on 18 July at a price of $790, and by 1 September had already reached the stratospheric figure of over $35,000. Now, despite many ups and downs, it hovers around $22,000, which is still far more than the initial price.

Its revolutionary scope lies in the automatic management of capital allocations in the DeFi sector, opening up a new development front within this already revolutionary sector.

The youngest: The Graph

Finally, there is a fifth project that has only just been launched and is already making waves: The Graph.

Its GRT token made its debut on the crypto markets on 17 December at $0.13, and immediately shot up to $0.75, only to fall back below $0.5.

As with, this is a project with revolutionary potential within the crypto sector, and as with Polkadot, it has to do with the so-called Web 3.0, or blockchain-based web.

It is still extremely early to try to understand what its real potential is, beyond the theoretical, but it is already making a lot of noise despite the fact that it is really just born.


  • Bitcoin hat seine jüngste Steigerungsphase erst kürzlich durchlaufen und ist an den Top-Börsen auf 19.450 Dollar gestiegen.
  • Nach einem leichten Rücklauf wird die Münze nun für 19.150 $ gehandelt.
  • Analysten bleiben zinsbullisch, während das Chart zinsbullisch bleibt: Ein Händler sagte, dass die Münze gerade einen Pinzettenboden gebildet habe, als sie die Tiefststände bei 18.900 $ testen ging.
  • Dass die Bitcoin von diesem Fibonacci-Level abprallt, könnte darauf hindeuten, dass der Trend immer noch zugunsten von Haussiers verläuft.


Bitcoin hat seine jüngste Steigerungsphase erst kürzlich durchlaufen und ist an den Top-Börsen auf 19.450 Dollar gestiegen. Zum Zeitpunkt der Abfassung dieses Artikels ist die Münze auf 19.150 $ zurückgegangen und steht vor einem leichten Rückgang inmitten einer Schwäche bei Altmünzen und als der Kaufdruck, der neulich zu beobachten war, nachließ.

Vor einigen Stunden fiel die Münze bis auf 18.900 $ und sah sich einem gewissen Verkaufsdruck ausgesetzt, als der Ethereum tiefer fiel. Trotzdem sind die Analysten immer noch optimistisch.

Bitcoin bildete gerade einen Pinzettenboden, als es die Tiefststände bei 18.900 $ testen ging. Unter Bezugnahme auf die nachstehende Grafik sagte ein führender Krypto-Händler, der auf den Pinzettenboden hinwies und wie Bitcoin das entscheidende Fibonacci-Niveau hielt:

“Das ist eine hübsche Pinzette für eine Stunde, die an der 38,2 abprallt”.

Dass Bitcoin von diesem Fibonacci-Niveau abprallt, könnte darauf hindeuten, dass der Trend immer noch zu Gunsten von Bullen verläuft. Die Grafik scheint auch darauf hinzudeuten, dass Bitcoin bald wieder in Richtung der lokalen Höchststände bei $19.450 abprallen könnte.

Es ist jedoch immer noch unklar, ob die Krypto-Währung vor Thanksgiving neue Allzeithochs setzen wird, wie einige erhofft hatten. Der Ethereum-orientierte Prognosemarkt PolyMarket hat einen Markt für dieses Ergebnis, der derzeit zu 88% auf “Nein” tendiert.


Es gibt weitere positive Anzeichen, die darauf hinweisen, dass der Trend bei Bitcoin nach wie vor auf Wachstum ausgerichtet ist.

Ein Analyst, der als TradingShot bekannt ist, teilte kürzlich das unten abgebildete Diagramm mit, das zeigt, dass Bitcoin eine Art Fraktal mit dem Goldpreis hat.

Dieses Fraktal sagt voraus, dass die Kryptowährung, sollte sie dem Pfad des Goldes folgen, bald über ihr Allzeithoch hinaus in Richtung $ 25.000 ausbrechen und dann möglicherweise einen starken Rückschlag erleiden wird.

Analysten geben dieser Theorie Glauben, da sie Bitcoin als Gold 2,0 ansehen. Diese langfristige Korrelation könnte auch zu einem langfristigen Wachstum des BTC-Preises führen, da Analysten erwarten, dass der Goldpreis im Zuge der Inflation steigen wird.

Kim Dotcom: Bitcoin Cash at $3,000 in 2021

According to Kim Dotcom, the price of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) next year could rise to $3,000.

Bitcoin Cash was born in August 2017 from a fork of Bitcoin, and since then its price has taken a path that only broadly followed that of BTC.

Its initial value was around $700, but it dropped almost immediately to $300.

Thanks to the great speculative bubble of late 2017, it reached its all-time high of $3,785 on December 20, and since then it has not been able to approach those figures.

Even in mid-December 2018 it fell below $80, almost a tenth of the initial price, but then slowly climbed back up, until it touched $500 in February this year.

After collapsing in mid-March, the price recovered first above $200, and then above $300.

In other words, today it is worth less than a tenth of what it was worth at its all-time high.

According to a statement on Twitter, Kim Dotcom believes that in the course of the next year BCH could return close to the all-time highs.

Kim Dotcom’s prediction about Bitcoin Cash.

Kim argues that while Bitcoin (BTC) is great as a store of value, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) would be great for payments.

However, it must be said that if, for example, we compare the number of average daily transactions that are recorded on the two respective blockchains, we find that those of BCH are still significantly less than a tenth of those of BTC, which therefore turns out to be actually much more used.

Moreover, over the years the number of average daily transactions of BCH has not increased significantly, so for now there is no growth trend from this point of view.

However, Kim says that from now on more and more merchants will accept cryptocurrencies as a form of payment, but they will want fast transactions and low commission costs.

In fact, BTC from this point of view is not yet very competitive, because the use of Lightning Network is not yet widespread.

That’s why they say bullish on BCH, assuming that its value can increase from the current $310 to $3,000 over the next 12 months.

A MicroStrategy adquire mais Bitcoin, participações da BTC no valor de mais de $750mln

A empresa de business intelligence e software da MicroStrategy adicionou mais 50 milhões de dólares de Bitcoin ao seu patrimônio de tesouraria, dando-lhe mais de meio bilhão em BTC.

O CEO Michael Saylor compartilhou a atualização em seu Twitter pessoal, anunciando que a empresa havia adquirido mais 2.574 Bitcoin por 50 milhões de dólares. A aquisição da BTC foi a um preço médio de $19.427 por Bitcoin.

De acordo com um registro oficial junto à Comissão de Valores Mobiliários e Câmbio dos Estados Unidos, a MicroStrategy possui agora aproximadamente 40.824 Bitcoin. O arquivamento também afirma que as participações da MicroStrategy na Bitcoin foram “adquiridas a um preço de compra agregado de US$ 475 milhões”.

As participações agora valem mais de $750mln

Em agosto, a empresa tomou a decisão de alocar uma parte considerável de seu capital diretamente nas participações da Bitcoin Revolution. Seu investimento inicial de 250 milhões de dólares foi feito após ter cumprido com as obrigações para com os acionistas, dando à empresa 21.454 BTC para suas participações em tesouraria.

Na ocasião, Saylor indicou que o investimento foi impulsionado pela crença da empresa de que a Bitcoin é “uma reserva de valor confiável e um ativo de investimento atraente com maior potencial de valorização a longo prazo do que a detenção de dinheiro”.

Talvez mais enfático foi a insistência da Saylor de que a Bitcoin era um investimento superior à moeda fiduciária e que a empresa tinha feito da Bitcoin sua principal participação em sua estratégia de reserva de tesouraria.

A MicroStrategy fez então outra aquisição significativa da Bitcoin em setembro de 2020, acrescentando mais 16.796 Bitcoin adicionais a um preço de compra agregado de $175 milhões.

Sua primeira aquisição 21.454 BTC em agosto correspondeu com o preço da Bitcoin sendo em torno de $11.700, enquanto sua segunda aquisição de 16.796 BTC foi feita quando o preço tinha caído para cerca de $10.700.

O total combinado dessas duas aquisições equivale a 38.250 BTC. Levando em conta o preço atual da Bitcoin a $18970 no momento da publicação, os dois investimentos iniciais da MicroStrategy valem agora cerca de $725 milhões.

Somando a compra adicional de $50mln de 2.574 BTC e as participações atuais da MicroStrategy valem mais de $750mln.

Michael Novogratz: Bitcoin är för alla och du borde ha 2-3% av din nettovärde i den

Bitcoin-tjuren Mike Novogratz anser att BTC är för alla och att alla investerare bör ha en del av sin nettovärde investerad i kryptotillgången.

Mitt i excitationerna från BTC som slår en rekordhög rekord, sa Bitcoin bull och ex-hedgefondförvaltaren Mike Novogratz, i en intervju med Yahoo Finance, att Bitcoin var utformat för alla investerare.

“Bitcoin är för alla”, sa han och tillade att “Alla borde lägga 2% till 3% av sin nettovärde i Bitcoin System och titta på det på fem år, och det kommer att bli mycket mer.”

Novogratz är också en tidigare partner på Goldman Sachs och tidigare chef för Fortress Investment Group. År 2012 var Novogratz nettovärde cirka 500 miljoner dollar. År 2017 avslöjade han att 20% av hans nettovärde innehas i Bitcoin och Ethereum, varifrån han genererade över 250 miljoner dollar i vinst.

Novogratz’s $ 20k-förutsägelse blir verklighet?

Galaxy Digital-chefen är förtjust i att förutsäga bitcoinpriset. Även efter marschkraschen, när bitcoin handlades till ett årligt lågt värde på cirka 3 500 dollar, var han fortfarande hausse på kryptovalutan.

Han förutspådde i april att bitcoin skulle slå $ 20 000 före slutet av 2020 och att han kanske skulle dölja kryptovalutan om hans förutsägelse inte går i uppfyllelse.

Med kryptovalutahandeln som är mindre än 7% bort från priset på 20 000 dollar 2017, kan det inte dröja länge innan det träffar en ny ATH.
Bitcoin handlas inte under 12 000 dollar

När Bitcoin närmar sig ett rekordpris tror vissa spekulanter att kryptovalutan snart kan se en korrigering. Novogratz tror dock att tillgången inte kommer att handlas under 12 000 USD i denna hausseartade trend.

”Just nu kommer vi nära 20 000, som de gamla topparna. Sällan handlar en marknad till de gamla höjderna och går igenom den, eller hur? Det är bara marknader som vanligtvis rör vid gamla toppar, uttömmer sig, korrigerar lite och tar sedan ut det höga. Och så finns det stort stöd runt 14 och ett halvt, 15 000. Och så lyssna – 19 000 till 15 000 skulle kännas ganska smärtsamt om du bara köpte den här kl 19. Jag tror inte att vi kommer att komma under 12 000 igen i det här avsnittet, sa han.

Institutionella investerare driver Bitcoin-pris

Bitcoin-tjuren nämnde också att den nuvarande rallyn drivs av individer med hög nettovärde, hedgefonder och riktiga institutioner. Han tycker att de större aktörernas deltagande, tillsammans med ökad reglering, borde utjämna en del av volatiliteten.

Inte bara dem utan “Game of Thrones” -skådespelerskan Maisie Williams hoppade också in när hon gjorde en Twitter-omröstning förra veckan och frågade om hon skulle längta Bitcoin, vilket Mike Novogratz svarade: “Duh!”.

Bitcoins nuvarande rally är mycket tystare än dess senaste. Googles sökningar efter “Bitcoin” nådde sin topp i slutet av 2017. De kör nu på ungefär en femtedel av den nivån. Men Novogratz sa att bevisen som stöder bitcoinpriser är bättre än de någonsin varit.

Aktorka Maisie Williams staje się najnowszym Bitcoinerem?

“Dołącz do wolnej ludowej, długiej Bitcoin”, powiedział Blockfolio do aktorki Game of Thrones.

Angielska aktorka Maisie Williams, najbardziej znana z roli Aryi Stark w serii HBO Game of Thrones, może dołączyć do Bitcoin bandwagon.

W wiadomości 16 listopada na Twitterze, aktorka zapytała ją 2,7 mln zwolenników, czy powinna iść “długo na Bitcoin”. W momencie publikacji, większość – 50,4% – doradzają jej zainwestować w aktywa krypto z 118.190 osób odpowiadających. Williams ma szacowaną wartość netto 6 milionów dolarów z jej pracy w telewizji i filmie.

Sławna gwiazda, która wspomniała o Bitcoinie (BTC), opuściła Crypto Twitter abuzz, ponieważ inne osoby szybko zaczęły gonić swoimi myślami.

Peter McCormack, gospodarz podcastu What Bitcoin Did podcast, zasugerował Williams uniknąć altcoins za wszelką cenę, stwierdzając “Bitcoin i nic więcej” dla aktorki. Jednak kryptońskie terminy krzyżujące się z odniesieniami do Game of Thrones były obfite, jak Blockfolio powiedział Williamsowi, że powinien “dołączyć do wolnego ludu”, idąc długo na Bitcoin. Barry Silbert dołączył do partii, sugerując aktorce sprawdzenie “drugiego” typu Grayscale, hołd dla choroby w serialu i kryptoflady firmy inwestycyjnej.

Przyjęcie Bitcoinów wśród głównych postaci w dziedzinie rozrywki i finansów odnotowało duży wzrost w 2020 r., ponieważ wiele osób szuka zabezpieczeń przed inflacją i cyfrowych alternatyw dla gotówki. Day Trader Dave Portnoy na krótko dołączył do społeczności kryptońskiej w tym roku, później określając Bitcoin jako “jeden wielki system Ponzi”.

W momencie publikacji cena BTC wynosiła 16.770 dolarów, a w ciągu ostatnich 24 godzin wzrosła o 5,7%.

Christine Lagarde: the ECB will decide on the digital euro in January

The plans of the European Central Bank (ECB) for a digital euro are gradually taking shape. Christine Lagarde confirmed that the starting signal would be given next January, if the institution concludes that the issuance of a central bank digital currency (MNBC) is necessary.

ECB to decide on digital euro launch in January

The European Central Bank (ECB) launched a public consultation on the digital euro at the end of last October. The institution was sometimes evasive about an MNBC , but we still note an evolution of the language of the President of the ECB.

Christine Lagarde has indeed explained that the decision to start developing a digital euro would be taken in January 2021, during an online forum . She also clarified that the European Central Bank did not want to ” race to be first” … While unofficially confirming that the launch of an MNBC is very likely:

“We will make a decision on whether we will move forward on the digital euro. […] My feeling – but it’s a decision that will be taken collectively – is that we could very well go in that direction . “

Two to four years of development

Cautious as always, the ECB insists, however, that this project will take time. Lagarde has indeed confirmed that the project will take two to four years of development before a functional digital euro is launched. It also drew a parallel with the Chinese digital yuan, which appears to be on the verge of being issued, but of which little is known yet, information arriving in dribbles.

What is certain is that the digital euro seems to be well on its way to being developed by the ECB. The development time will be long, much longer than for public cryptocurrencies. Will this give the latter a chance to establish themselves as a real alternative ? The years to come we will say it.

Un ancien ingénieur de Microsoft purgera 9 ans de prison dans une affaire impliquant l’utilisation de mélangeurs Bitcoin

Un tribunal américain de Seattle a condamné un ancien ingénieur de Microsoft à 9 ans de prison après l’avoir déclaré coupable de 18 crimes fédéraux liés à son plan élaboré visant à frauder le géant de la technologie de 10 millions de dollars. En prononçant le jugement, le tribunal blâme Volodymyr Kvashuk, un ingénieur en logiciel et citoyen ukrainien, pour avoir tenté de masquer des preuves numériques par l’utilisation de mélangeurs Immediate Edge et l’utilisation illégale de comptes et de mots de passe de collègues pour aider ce programme.

Boîtier sophistiqué

Selon les archives judiciaires, Kvashuk, un citoyen ukrainien, avait été condamné en février 2020 pour plusieurs chefs d’accusation de fraude électronique, de blanchiment d’argent, de vol d’identité ainsi que de dépôt de fausses déclarations de revenus.

Dans sa réaction à la condamnation, le procureur américain Brian T Moran rend hommage aux «partenaires chargés de l’application de la loi et au bureau du procureur des États-Unis» pour avoir triomphé dans l’affaire qui «exigeait des compétences technologiques sophistiquées pour enquêter et poursuivre». Commentant la sévérité de la sanction, le procureur américain déclare:

“Voler votre employeur est déjà assez grave, mais voler et faire croire que vos collègues sont à blâmer élargit les dégâts au-delà de l’argent et des cents.”

Selon des documents déposés auprès du tribunal, Kvashuk, qui a été impliqué dans les tests de la plate-forme de vente au détail en ligne de Microsoft, est accusé d’avoir «utilisé cet accès de test pour voler la« valeur stockée de la monnaie »(CSV) comme des cartes-cadeaux numériques.»

Style de vie somptueux

En utilisant le produit des ventes de cartes-cadeaux, Kvashuk «a acheté une maison de 1,6 million de dollars au bord du lac et un véhicule Tesla de 160 000 dollars». Alors que les vols s’intensifiaient, Kvashuk a commencé à «utiliser des comptes de messagerie de test associés à d’autres employés» pour couvrir ses traces. Le document ajoute:

Il a utilisé un service de “ mélange ” de bitcoins pour tenter de cacher la source des fonds passant finalement sur son compte bancaire. Au total, au cours des sept mois d’activité illégale de Kvashuk, environ 2,8 millions de dollars en bitcoins ont été transférés sur ses comptes bancaires et d’investissement. Kvashuk a ensuite déposé de faux formulaires de déclaration de revenus, affirmant que le bitcoin avait été un cadeau d’un parent.